fatcat1-filteredFat cat storytime – Storyteller

Children will love watching Fat Cat having lots of fun dancing and acting out his favourite stories and singing along to their favourite songs. This series includes every child’s favourite action songs including Insy Winsy Spider, If you’re happy and you know it, Little Miss Muffet, and many more.

WildlifeWarriersWildlife Warriors – Storyteller

A fun-filled, educational 5 minutes where we meet Davo Dinosaur, Klaws Koala and a human called Jane. Each episode of Wildlife Warriors sees Jane and Klaws visit Davo in his Cave.
The two animal characters are not well behaved and they give Jane a hard time, but eventually they are brought under control in time for Jane to tell them about the global battle to save endangered species.

LittleBellLittle Bell – Kremlin capella – Storyteller

Russia’s music tradition dates back thousands of years and engulfs its people, its history and its landscape. To a backdrop of stunning Russian landscapes and architecture.
We join Russia’s treasured performers as they sing and play at the Kremlin.  A performance video for lovers of fine music.


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